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Your multi-platform voice. Greet your website visitors with a warm welcome, brand an image on the radio, enhance your theatre listings, or magnify your sound on the screen.

Caricature of Ernie Hilts, epic voice-overs

Many call me "The Voice", but my name is Ernie Hilts.

Check out the demos and hear why you will want my voice. I'll give you that epic sound you're looking for.

Contact me with a briefing of your service requirement. After first contact, send me your script and I will reply with an audio file.


It started with classroom giggles from the daily news assignment for his politics class to choose and read news articles. Upon questioning, Ernie was told he sounds and looks like a professional news anchor on television. They thought he was acting, when he was just acting normal. Other friends regularly commented on his "radio voice".

Working at the busiest self-serve gas station in Collingwood, he cheered people up by making their day, often with the sound of his voice alone. People would come in with the weight of the world on their shoulders and they would leave care-free with a smile and a skip to their step. Ernie's great attitude turned customers around, and left them in awe over his voice. Thousands of people told him he needs to do voice-overs, be on the radio, host a talk show, or television game show, among many other things. The town is in a chatter over him and his voice. The townspeople call him "The Voice" or "The Man with the Voice".

In politics, as a provincial councilor or at events, several people would approach him after hearing him on the microphone to compliment his voice and ask if he is on the radio.

Ernie resides in beautiful Wasaga Beach, the world's longest fresh water beach. He now offers voice work services for websites, radio, movies and television. He has the epic voice you're looking for.

© Ernie Hilts